DragonFly BSD 1.0-RELEASE Installer

Errata and Workarounds

The integration of the DragonFly BSD Installer into the DragonFly 1.0-RELEASE image went remarkably smoothly, considering that it took place only a few days before release. However, as is always the case, a few bugs slipped through. This document attempts to address them the best it can. Please keep in mind that, if you just can't get the installer to work, you always have the opportunity to log in as root and install manually, following the instructions in /README. It may be more difficult, but you'll also learn more about the system that way.

1.0A-REL Errata

1.0-REL Errata

Note that all the errata items which apply to 1.0A-REL apply to 1.0-REL as well.