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Current stable version: 1.1.6

Current testing version: 2.0 beta 1

DragonFly BSD
Integrated (1.1.6)
Integrated (1.1.2)
Integrated (2.0 beta 1)


May 7, 2009

Work has started to add missing features of sysinstall to BSDInstaller. The hope is that it will be feature complete in time for FreeBSD 9.0 release.

Aug 02 2005

pfSense adopts the Lua-based BSD Installer (2.0 beta 1)!

Jul 21 2005

A "technology preview" of the upcoming 2.0 release of the BSD Installer has been made available for testing.

Apr - May 2005

The web server was temporarily off-line due to hardware problems. During this time an out-of-date backup version of the web pages were served from the CVS server. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Apr 8 2005

BSD Installer 1.1.6 is included as part of the release of DragonFly BSD 1.2.

Mar 20 2005

BSD Installer 1.1.5 is now released, and will be included on the upcoming DragonFly BSD release.

Mar 2 2005

The version of the BSD Installer used in DragonFly BSD release images has been updated to 1.1.4.

Feb 25 2005

We have a dedicated wiki now, located at The CVS services also have their own location now,

Feb 1 2005

The contents of the CVS repository can now be downloaded using CVSup.

Feb 1 2005

BSD Installer release 1.1.4 packages and a pre-built DragonFly ISO image containing the installer are available for testing.

Jan 19 2005

Overhauled the website and the wiki.

Jan 18 2005

Despite a run of extremely bad luck with it, we finally got the mailing list back on its feet.

Jan 7 2005

BSD Installer release 1.1.3 packages are available for testing.